Climbing and bouldering

Last week we were bouldering in Fontainebleau. We went through some circuits in the areas Restant du Rocher, l’Éléphant and Dame Jouanne.

Charissa dyno-ing.

The l’Éléphant area was mainly visited by English climbers the day we were there. In the afternoon it suddenly started to rain. Lots of big drops, that caused us to stop climbing. We used the rest of the day with a walk, south of Nemours.

A walk south of Nemours.

After three days of bouldering, we moved to Mailly le Chateau in Bourgogne (Burgundy). We climbed for another three days in that area.

Climbing spot “Saussois” in Bourgogne.

This year, Bourgogne is largely visited by mosquitoes. We’ve never been annoyed by that many mosquitoes while climbing. One night we even took shelter in our car to be free of mosquitoes. In Bourgogne the weather was precarious. Luckily the rock dries really fast after another shower.

At the campsite we amused ourselves by slacklining.

This holiday was our first proof-of-the-pudding of our mini-camper. It looked great, but will it actually work? It did! Everything functioned as expected, we’re very happy with it.

Our mini-camper at the campsite.

Click here to see all photographs.



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