Adding tie-downs to a packraft

We’ve taken our FlytePacker packrafts on a few tours now, but still miss a way to attach our backpacks to the boat. Like a Dutch proverb says: “It’s better well cribbed, than badly designed by yourself.” So we took a good look at the competitor packrafts. A nice manual is available on, but here is our step-by-step guide:

1. Order the tie-downs and glue at

2. Clean the boat where the glue will be put. Use alcohol and a cloth.

3. Mark the place of the tie-downs on the boat.


4. Mix the glue (Helaplast) and the hardener (RFE) and use a brush to put glue on the boat and on the tie-downs. Do not attach the tie-downs to the boat yet! We’ve used about 40 ml of glue for 8 tie-downs.

Materials needed.

5. Wait for half an hour, the glue needs to dry.

6. Again use a brush to put glue on the boat and on the tie-downs. This time let it dry for 5 minutes!

Glue on the boat.

Glue on the tie-down.

7. Once the glue is dry, press the tie-down to the boat. Press from the middle of the tie-down to the outside to let the airbubbles out.

8. Heat the tie-downs with a hair-dryer to about 60C and use a roller to press the last air-bubbles out.

9. Done! Leave alone for 72 hours to dry at room temperature.

The result.

And this is the result with packs attached:

With a daypack.

With the trekking backpack.


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