Carnival at Baraque Michel

As half of our country is being reigned by fools and madmen, we drive to our southern neighbour country. Enroute it’s nice and quiet, we are driving towards the snow. In the morning the weather is cloudy, in the afternoon the sun reveals itself. All day long a harsh wind is blowing, it feels as a very cold day.

The trees have a hard time under the weight of the snow

As an example we used Joery’s Haute Fagnes Trail again, but this time another part of it. While skiing we take a path to the left or a path to the right, when suddenly we’re lost. Where are we? All forest roads look the same and the 30 cm thick layer of fresh snow covers some of the creeks. We ask some passers: Do you speak Dutch? English? Français? Mmm, nope. And he doesn’t know where we are either. His friend does, his friend with a map. And they talk German to each other. Now we can communicate again. We take a path back and a shortcut to our “original” route. An hour later we meet them again!
Enroute it is quite busy (like a Sunday) on the main forest roads, but outside these main roads it’s nice and quiet. We do a small tour and then slowly we return to the car. At half past four we’re back in the parking lot, which is incredible busy.

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IGN Carte Topographique, 1:50 000, No 50-50A: Malmédy


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