Mullerthal Trail

Odd one out: Luxembourg, fresh snow, Mullerthal trail, end of March? None is odd, they all fit together in 2013, which we didn’t know when we left on Saturday… Enroute we see a speck of snow in Belgium, but no snow to be found in Luxembourg. A strong wind is blowing from the east, that’s all. We park our car in the village of Müllerthal and start our hike to Berdorf.

Enroute from Müllerthal to Berdorf on Sentier Fred Welter.

We pitch our tarp and start cooking. This time we took new meals from Adventure Food with us. Instead of preparing our meal in a saucepan, one can pour boiling water in the pouch. Stir briefly and close the pouch. A few minutes later your dinner is ready to eat and there’s no need to wash the saucepan. Handy and works brilliantly. After dinner dusk sets in, it’s time to hit the hay. At night we hear faint dripping on the tarp.

Good morning. End of March and a fresh layer of snow!

When we wake up in the morning the world is covered in a 5 cm thick white blanket. End of March! Who would have thought that this would happen. We pack our tarp and walk to Berdorf. The fresh snow crisps under our shoes. After Berdorf we continue to Echternach and head south.

A source.

We’re walking route two of the three official Mullerthal Trail routes. This route is more fun than we expected, we didn’t know that there were this many fun walking paths in Luxembourg. Route two even has one thousand meters of height difference! Besides the nice walk, we are impressed by going through the caves of Hohllay. We knew this route is well known for its small rock corridors, so we take our head torches out of our backpacks to go through the dark corridors of Kohlscheuer en de Déwepëtz. At Kohlscheuer we put our backpacks off and make a small tour through the corridors (caves?). The path takes us to Déwepëtz, that we need to cross with our backpacks. There is no way around it. We need to take our backpacks in our hands as we would get stuck with the backpacks on our backs.

After Déwepëtz it’s time for the next bivouac. This time we lie under the stars and an overhanging piece of rock, no need to use the tarp tonight.

Bivouac near Consdorf.

The next day we walk back to Müllerthal while we come across the well known Schiessentümpel. We take the second load of food out of our car and continue route three to Beaufort. Along the Halerbaach we see a lot of snow covered bird nests. Usually they are hidden in the dense bushes, but now the attention is drawn by their white ballast.
Especially the part of this route between Müllerthal and Beaufort is very worthwhile. Nice small walking paths, along a creek with small cascades, which ends at Le château de Beaufort.

Le château de Beaufort.

The rest of the route today we walk over large forest roads. We mainly walk through production forests, where a lot of trees are felled this time of year. Just before Larochette we have a hard time finding a nice place to bivouac. The wind is still strong and the trees next to our tarp are cracking and crunching.

When we wake up in the morning our shoes are frozen hard and ice cubes are floating inside our drinking bags.

Platypus on the rocks.

From Larochette to Blummendall we walk over large forest roads. After Blummendall the nice, windy walking paths start again, until the campsite of Müllerthal. Everywhere there’s still enough snow for the animal tracks to be seen. We’ve seen several tracks made by badgers and foxes. During our preparation we found an article of other people walking this route on April 1st, 2011. In t-shirt and shorts, what a difference.

In Müllerthal we put our backpacks in our car and drive home. After 72 hours of enjoyment, it’s too bad it’s over.

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