Packrafting Biesbosch

On Whit Sunday we inflate our packrafts at the marina Vissershang. We’re not the only ones enjoying the beautiful weather in the Biesbosch. Accompanied by a young family of geeze we cross the Middelste Gat van het Zand. We continu through smaller creeks to the Gat van de Zuiderklip, where we don’t share the water with ships anymore, but canoes and longboats. And of course the many birds: mostly gulls, grebes and coots. We pause at the Gat van de Zuiderklip, where we see Highland Cows graze in the distance.

Gat van de Vloeien.

After the break, we search for the smallest creeks in the Biesbosch. The wind increases, when we go on in the direction of our stopover at the Bevert. Enroute we get a lot of attention, many types of boats are common in the Biesbosch, but packrafts are not known at all apparently.
We arrive at the stopover at around four and see the water level drop throughout the evening. Funny, a freshwater area with tides, though only 10 cm of difference.

Campsite at the Bevert.

At night it starts to rain, but in the morning only a bit of drizzeling remains. We have breakfast, pack our things and leave. We continu our way through the Bevert and cross the Ruigt. A few ships are anchored here. Apparently a lot of people spend the night in the Biesbosch in their own boat.

Biesbosch, the Dutch mangrove.

At the other side of the Ruigt we enter a creek, nice and quiet without motor boats. Now we understand why Frank van Zwol calls this area the Dutch mangrove in his article from the Oppad magazine. The willows appear to be standing in the middle of the creeks at some places.
When we move through a smaller creek, we suddenly hear a loud bang on the water. Beavers… This one has seen us earlier than we saw him, but a hunderd meter down the creek, a beaver drowsily walks near the waterside. He doesn’t see us and splashes into the water. Only when he hears the click of the photo camera, he shies and dives. Wow! We’ve never been that close, at most two meters.

Beaver near the Steurgat.

We’re almost back at marina Vissershang. What a beautiful route.



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Walking map Biesbosch (Nr 27)
ISBN: 978-9-02871-260-7


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