Two days through the Pyrenees

This year we wanted to return to the Pyrenees. We’ve been preparing a tour of about 14 days through the massifs of Posets and Aneto. This year we’ve been surprised by a lot of snow in this area, that’s why we’ve delayed our tour a few weeks. Last week we’d liked to start, but were unable to enter the valley of Benasque, because of floodings in that area. Third try we’ll go for a shorter version: five days hiking around the Posets. Our new starting point is Biadós. We ask the tourist buro in Plan: The snow conditions are good, with pickel and crampons it is possible to make a tour de Posets. The weather will remain good: Next few days will be exceptionally sunny.

In one hour we bump-drive off-road in our Renault Kangoo to Biadós. We put on our backpacks and leave. The sun shines very bright indeed.


Slowly we ascend and leave Biadós behind. Via GR11.2 we go to Collado de Grist (Eriste). At about 2000 meters altitude we meet the first big snowfield. Indeed, there’s a lot more snow than last year, what a difference! Until the col everything’s fine.

Val de la Ribereta.

When we look down the other side from the col, it’s a different view. Three meters of snow has been blown onto the col and it’s about 70 degrees steep snow going down there. Even Ibón de Llardaneta is still frozen still and covered with snow.

Collado de Grist (Eriste).

We start doubting and finally decide to turn around. This is too steep for us to descend. We pitch our tarp just above Las Tuertas.


Our new plan is to round the Posets the other way around: We’re going to try to hike clockwise around Posets. We descend the way we got up until we’re almost back to Biadós and then go to the east. We meet a group of Spaniards who go in the same direction but sleep in the huts. Near Cabaña d’Añes Cruzes we have to cross three rivers. Last year it was easy, now we’re trying to find a good place to cross for an hour. Question remains if we can keep our feet dry. Meanwhile a thick layer of new clouds floats through the valley.
We put all facts together: Third try, couldn’t go over the col, troubles crossing rivers, clouds descending and they will soon cover the next col, we’re already over the half of the second day. With this speed and setbacks we’re not going to finish this round in the time we’ve left. It’s very difficult, but in the end we turn around. Enjoyment is the goal of a holiday. Better luck next time…


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Geo/Estel Mapa Excursionista E-25, 1: 25 000, Aneto Maladeta


One thought on “Two days through the Pyrenees

  1. This might sound weird but I’m glad that you didn’t go down that steep embankment. Risky from the sounds of it, but also because it gave you a chance to capture the incredible Gorge (is that the right word?) 🙂

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