It’s Saturday morning when the alarm rings. The backpacks are ready, we walk to our car and in the rain we drive southwards. After a few hours we park our car at the railway station in Anseremme. It’s still raining, so we put our drysuits on. Drysuits, rain clothes, what’s in a name?

According to the timetable our train will stop at track one. The local clochard is sitting on the platform, drinking his third beer. He explains us clearly that they are working on this side of the railway station and the train will stop on the other side. A bit later, Ivo, Joke and Peter arrive. Together we ride to Houyet.


Joery and Veerle already arrived in Houyet. We inflate the packrafts and leave. Our rubber duck floats happily with us today, he doesn’t care about the rain. Actually, he likes it so much that he frees himself of the tiny rope and nearly stays with the other ducks.



We take a break on a small gravel beach. In the meanwhile the rain has stopped. The best part has been left for after the break: There are two weirs, one at the castle of Furfooz and the other one near the camp-site. At these water levels they are both easy to raft.


Just before the end near Anseremme we meet three kayakers. A few hunderd meters later it’s time to have a drink and then say our goodbyes. See ya next time?

Click here to see all photographs.



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