Wax on, wax off

This spring I’ve done a waxing course to learn how to do the maintenance of our skis. A bit of skill is all you need to wax your own skis and doing it yourself is fun and saves some money. During this course you’ll not only learn how to wax, but also how skis are made and how to keep it in good shape.

The only tool which you definitely need and costs a lot of money is a trestle to mount your skis on when waxing. The skis shall not shuffle and the waxing makes quite a mess, so the kitchen table is not allowed to be used. With some scrap wood and a bit of closed-cell foam I’ve made a tool to attach to the workmate:



All you need to perform the maintenance of your skis fits in a small box:


The last thing you need is some time. Wax on, wax off (don’t forget to breath, very important)…





Vasa Sport – Het complete waxboek
3e druk, november 2013
Machiel Ittmann


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