21 amphibians on the Semois

It’s spring, the time for our yearly packrafting weekend with our Flemish friends of Hiking Advisor. This weekend we are found on the Semois.
We took our drysuits. As an experiment we’re going to use them as rain clothes as well, when needed. Of course it’s needed: whens leaving it is raining, so we dress in our sweat suits and walk to the Semois.


We put off the backpacks, eat and inflate packrafts. The green meadow is brightened with yellow, red, green and blue rafts. The first “rapid” can be seen from here which nourishes the doubt for some of the novices.

The weir at Cugnon is located a few kilometres downstream. After inspection and explanation of Joery and Willem a big part of the group crosses the weir over water. “It’s quite okay, how big is the chance that you have to swim over there?” At the moment the question is asked, it looks like a very remote chance. A few minutes later someone’s swimming in the water.

During the break we ascent the viewpoint and caves of Saint-Remacle. It’s only a short stretch to the bivouac zone from here.


We learn some things: Taking charcoal with you for barbecuing is a great idea for a weekend trip. There are many ways to bivouac, with a tent, a tarp or just using a packraft, some wood and a piece of aluminium foil.
Raindrops and the first mosquitoes are scared away by the camp fire. Being together around the fire we discuss cultural differences and exchange practical advices. Now we know why Debbie takes a Dutchman to the woods.


We wake up in fog which disappears quickly when the sun starts shining. We continue our sailing in beautiful weather. Between Dohan and Bouillon we eat in lovely sunshine. The last part on the water we build one big floating circle with all 21 packrafts, that just fits in the Semois. Arriving in Bouillon we build a leaning tower of Pisa with as many packrafts as possible.




Hiking Advisor, thanks again for organising this great event.

The idea of the packraft tripod is based on the one from the Deliverance team. A great idea, tack!

Semois at Bouillon: waterheight 71 cm and flow 19 m3/s


Click here to see all photographs.



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