La dernière légende

The GR571, a story in three parts. Part one led us through the valley of the Amblève. The second part took us through the valley of the Salm. Now, it’s time to visit the valley of the Lienne.


The subtitle of the GR, the Valleys of the Legends, refers to the many legends written about this area. In the first part we’ve met the devil of Fonds de Quarreux. This section is home to a fairy called Lienne and a golden goat.


Unfortunately we didn’t meet any of the two. Actually, we didn’t meet anyone while hiking these nice trails. The owner of the campsite in Targnon is surprised to see us when we arrive. In the last 28 years she has seen the number of people walking GRs diminish. What a shame, it is a beautiful trail, so close to home.



Passing by Fonds de Quarreux, the legend of the first section, we arrive back at Remouchamps.

Merci pour l’Ardenne Mystérieuse!





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GR571, Vallées des Légendes Amblève, Salm, Lienne
Topo-Guide du Sentier de Grande Randonnée
ISBN 2-9600450-6-8


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